Top 6 Safest Ways To Lose Fat

We all know that we sometimes go a little overboard over the weekend, where we had a take away or just ate too much chocolate or we just had a little more beer and wine that we’d initially planned. Our waistlines are quick to tell us how much damage we’ve done, but can we fix it? What are the best ways to get rid of the fat and go from fat to fit? Let’s take a look.

1. Do Some Interval Training


Cardio is not created equal. While it’s better to do some exercise than do nothing, there have been plenty of studies that show interval training is your best bet to lose weight. This means that if you were to run for one minute, followed by jogging for two, and repeat it without slowing down too much, you’d lose more weight. You can take this interval training approach to other cardio workouts too. It can be used on a rowing machine, an exercise bike, on a cross trainer, and even in a circuit class.