7 Best Vitamins For Increased Energy

Who doesn’t want more energy? For kids it’s not usually a problem, and their seemingly boundless supplies of energy are viewed with envy by many adults. Most of us could use a little help with our energy levels during the day, and although energy drinks are always an option, the sugar and artificial stimulants in many of them may not be the best choice for everyone. There are a number of alternatives to the mass produced energy drinks that may work for you, and are definitely worthy of your consideration.

#1 Vitamin B-12


Image Source: Joits

B-12 is well-proven as a great energy booster, and is also key to numerous other functions of the body, including the ability to concentrate and think clearly. This one can be particularly tricky for vegetarians and vegans since B-12 is not present in plant-based foods, and is usually obtained by eating meat, dairy, eggs and other animal products. B-12 supplements are quite common and available in numerous retail stores.