5 iPhone Problems Users Will Understand

There are many benefits to a smartphone with its booming performance coming top of the list along with its ability to multi process and multi task a lot of great applications, keeping you entertained all day long. But when it comes to smartphones and especially iPhones, they can have a certain anticlimax about them. Some of the features (and lack of features) can make them it annoying to use and some users have switched to their rival companies due to this reason. If Apple does not solve these problems in their future models, they may face a lot of difficulties in the world market.

Here are 5 of the difficulties that iPhone users have to face while using their smartphone.

5. Battery Life

In times like these, when you’re always on the move and have to deal with multiple tasks at a single time, you’ll often be wanting to be connected to Wi-Fi and using multiple applications at once. Because many applications quickly drain your smartphone battery it leaves you in a bit of a hitch. Additionally if you have a faulty battery and after a battery’s warranty is void it can cost a small fortune to replace it which cost way too much and that’s excluding any potential shipping costs.