10 Common Recurring Dreams and What They Mean

We all have to sleep whether we want to or not. Sometimes it just seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day and just as we’re hurrying to finish up something important, we realize it’s time for bed. Sure, it’s certainly possible to stay up past your bedtime but chances are that you’ll pay for it later by feeling tired the next day. When we sleep we usually dream and although dreams can differ wildly from one individual to another, there are certain dreams that share a common theme. These “common” dreams have been experienced by millions of people and through the years the experts have weighed in on what they believe these dreams mean.

1. Falling

This is probably one of the scariest dreams one can have. You might be strolling along in a field of wildflowers one minute and then find yourself falling off a cliff a second later. Falling dreams are believed to be an indicator of real life events or circumstances that are causing anxiety and stress. It may indicate a feeling that life is out of control and that the future is uncertain. Although some believe that you’ll actually die when you hit the ground in a falling dream, thankfully that’s just not the case at all. Falling in your dreams may scare you half to death, but not all the way. Unless, of course, the fright gives you a heart attack or something.