10 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories That Challenge the Imagination

While most of us probably scoff at the majority of conspiracy theories we hear about, there are undoubtedly a few that are worth paying attention to. Sadly, we’re not qualified to decide which ones those are. Sure, we have our favorites, but it’s probably best to evaluate all the data and decide for yourself which ones may hold at least a bit of water. If you think about it, just the fact that we are alive and “self aware” is pretty remarkable on its own. Consciousness itself is a huge mystery to the most brilliant scientists. If we’re all here living on this planet, who’s to say there aren’t other intelligent forms of life out there in our vast universe, or perhaps in other dimensions? Check out some of the weirdest conspiracy theories we’ve ever heard, and judge for yourself if any of them are worth paying attention to.

1. Frozen Nazis


By “frozen” we don’t mean dead, just really, really cold, like anyone would be in Antarctica. This wild conspiracy theory says that Adolph Hitler actually escaped in a submarine at the end of World War II with a few of his most-trusted Nazi pals and made their way to Antarctica. It gets better. For some reason, a super-advanced race of aliens who live inside the earth (it’s hollow!) took a liking to Adolph and his boys and took them under their collective wing, so to speak. We’re not sure where the story goes from there, but maybe Hitler has something to do with all the crazy UFO sightings we’ve been hearing about for so many years.