10 of the Most Famous UFO Hoaxes, Ever

As much as people tell you they are not interested in UFOs as soon as there is a “sighting” everyone is suddenly a believer. Check out these most famous UFO hoaxes.

10: Michael Shermer’s Mini-Hoax-2007


Michael Shermer, the editor of Skeptic magazine, released a short video showing his investigation of how easy it can be to fake UFO photos. He had children ‘make’ UFOs using household items, glue, and silver paint, then had the kids photograph their creations hanging by a fishing line against a backdrop of a grey sky.

The photos did not look like they had been tampered with, with any professional photography tools and a professional photographer said he couldn’t see the fishing line, and the images were not smudged.

When Shermer showed the photos to the public at a sidewalk booth, some were sceptical, and many believed. When he showed them that the pictures were hoaxed, almost everyone seemed disappointed at the fact, and many claimed defiantly that they believed in UFOs nonetheless, as though accepting evidence would show personal weakness.