Five Worst Computer Viruses Ever

These days, cyber hacking has reached new higher levels as we live in a time where everything is computerized, from our phone records to our online bank accounts to our saved data. Computers are thought to be the most reliable source of data storage and transfer etc. however, if spyware or malware or any other kind of virus penetrates your computer, you might lose all your important information and you will always be left devastated depending upon the magnitude of the virus that’s infected your system.

Some viruses are so deadly; they eat your computer up like termites.

5: Horrible B.O, Back Orifice

Information on your computer is highly private and it may contain things such as your family photos or your bank accounts and other secretive information and you certainly do not want any stranger to get hold of it. However, this horrible virus may infect your computer and evade your privacy by allowing other computers to connect to your computer without you knowing.

4: Merry Frickin’ Christmas

Well the name might suggest that this virus is quite the merry holiday for you but don’t be baffled by misleading names because it is not a friendly virus and is quite deadly. This computer virus showed itself on the big stage in 1987 when it was the era of IBN computers and it depicted itself on the computer tree in the form of a Christmas tree telling you to be calm and nothing will happen just like personnel tell you in time of grave danger. It misleads you to type Christmas and voila, you’re done for and your internal network collapses on the stage.

3: Code Red

This virus did not just attack on a short scale infecting only the small fish but it targeted the larger seas. It attacked the White House and displayed the message on the screen, hacked by the Chinese.

2: My Not so sweet Melissa

As long as the history of computer viruses go, there’s always the creator of the virus and the mastermind behind it. Now the creator here was sentenced to ten years in jail because of how deadly this virus was. This virus issued emails to the first fifty users in a person’s contact list which initiated a chain reaction which then sent emails to 50 contacts of the recipient’s email (and so on) which ultimately led to the collapse of many global servers.

1: You Give Love a Bad Name

This was most egregiously known as the ILOVEYOU virus and is the most deadly virus of all time. It inscribes itself on to the root directories and completely killed computers and caused heavy damages which made computers lose their functionality completely.