8 Ways to Save iPhone Battery

Battery life has now become a prime concern in the modern lifestyle. Though iphone is not a basic power hog, there are possible ways for the iphone battery to drain quickly. If you are looking for real tips to avoid charging your iphone several times a day, here’s the best 8 ways to save your battery. But if you have already tried all these and still if it doesn’t work, it’s time for you to go to the nearest apple store and test your phone and battery for the power regarded problems. You will get through the day with enough battery if you give consideration for the below mentioned tips.

#1 Reduce notifications by taming backlit display



Both notifications and backlit display together cause the battery drainage. Almost all the apps you use for emailing, social networking and getting news updates to see what is happening around the world, etc will send you notifications throughout the day, which will result in draining your battery in a hurry. So it is advisable to keep some of the notifications which you don’t need to be alerted at once in a silent mood. You can change it in settings to save power.