7 Ways You Appear Unattractive (Without Even Realising It)

Without even noticing, you can make yourself appear unattractive to other people. Perhaps you don’t focus enough on your inner beauty, leaving only an impression from what you’ve shown on the outer glow. There’s a lot of little things that can trigger your attractiveness to take an unruly dive. No worries, we’re here to help – here are 7 ways you could appear unattractive, without even knowing!

7. You Compete, Even When You Don’t Have To


There’s nothing wrong with setting your competitive spirits on high, but it’s meaningful to learn when to turn it off. The negative competitive spirits may come into play when dealing with friends. For example: Your friend gets a 85% on his test, while you end up with a 90%. Instead of congratulating ┬áthem, you brag about how your score is higher than theirs. Also remember when competing: a good loser is more likeable than a bad winner.