8 Reasons Why People Who Spend Money On Experiences Are Happier

There are some people who search for happiness within materialistic things, and then there are those that find happiness hidden behind an afternoon of mountain climbing or walking a trail on a brisk November evening. However, there are people who find more happiness in spending money on experiences, rather than spending money on materialistic things. There are many reasons as to why this may be true. So sit back and enjoy our eight reasons why people who spend money on experiences are happier.

1. Knowing the Thrill of a Purchase Won’t Last


Have you ever been shopping and you see a nice pair of shoes that you are just dying to have? Well for many, that experience can boost our moods a ton. But for how long will you be thrilled to have this pair of shoes? It’s a feeling that is there for the moment and not for longevity. After a while, you tend to even forget the joy of owning this pair of shoes. Not long after, a newer version of the shoe comes out; you’re chasing an endless item that won’t bring your happiness fulfilment.