Real Friends vs Fake Friends: 10 ways to tell the difference

How well do you know your friends, and how well can you tell real and fake friends apart in your life? Truth be told, your ultimate security and joy lies in knowing which friends are “friends indeed” and which ones are “fair-weather friends.” If you have been struggling to differentiate real and fake friends in your life, this piece will serve as the ultimate guide you need to tell friends apart from today onward…

10. A real friend is like family… a blood brother/sister


A real friend always inspires the confidence of a blood brother in you. He feels like family. You see him as “a brother from another mother.” You don’t get this feeling with a fake friend; you see him as an outsider or an acquaintance at best. A real friend acts, thinks, and carries on as an original member of your family tree – and relatives nearly see him as such, but a fake friend will remain an ordinary friend of yours to family members.