9 Things That Do Not Need To Be Refrigerated

Keeping things in the fridge not only keeps them fresh and better-tasting, it can also prevent food from becoming dangerously spoiled. Anyone who has suffered from food poisoning knows that’s a misery that is well worth avoiding. Instead of warning you about what you should keep in the refrigerator to avoid getting sick, this time we’re going talk about what you do not need to keep in the fridge. Many people have developed habits of keeping things in the fridge that do not need to be there. Save some space in your refrigerator by keeping the following items in the pantry or cupboard where they will be just fine.

1. Hot Sauce

With hot sauce it’s the high acid content that makes it hot. That same acid does not make for a very hospitable environment for bacteria, so it can safely be stored in cupboard or pantry where it can remain usable for up to three years.