5 of the Most Expensive Foods in the World

We all know someone who is a serious food lover, but have ever come across such a food lover that he or she will gladly spend thousands on a single plate of some unique and rare kind of food? You’ll be shocked to know that there are certain foods out there which can cost thousands of dollars, pounds, euros, or whichever currency you use.

We know that eating delicious foods comes among the most pleasurable experiences. Here is a list of some very unique and expensive foods. Some of these are priced at an average man’s monthly income, whereas some are worth the annual income!

5. Westin Hotel Bagel


It costs $1000 and looks just like an ordinary bagel but what is it that makes it so special? It is the creation of the executive chef of the Westin hotel, Chef Frank Tujague. The element that is the main reason behind the very high price of this bagel is the white truffle which is infused in cream cheese. At the same time another important element is the Italian fungus which is one of the most expensive type of fungus in the world.