5 Most Dangerous Runways in the World

Most people who have travelled via plane know the importance of runways. If runways are safe then it becomes easier for the pilot to land and the passengers to walk away safely. There are many runways all around the world but here are 5 of the most interesting yet also dangerous runways in the world.

5. Ice Runway, Antarctica


Many people love snow but the moment you see this runway, you’d be forgiven for having second thoughts. The Ice runway is the biggest runway in Antarctica but the elevation is only 1 foott above sea level which is very low. At the same time the length of the runway is 10,000 ft  but what makes this even more dangerous is that there are no lines drawn on the runway as it is completely white, making it harder for pilots to land. Even though it is made completely of ice, it’s actually capable of handling the heaviest aircrafts in the US Air force.