10 Cities That Didn’t Exist in 1960

Those big and popular cities you see on the globe have been standing at the same place for ages, but they came on the map in different years with different movements that had to be surpassed to let them evolve. You will be astonished to see how many countries didn’t even exist in the 1960’s but now are global giants making their way into changing the world.

1. Doha, Qatar


Doha has grown into a herculean city as we would consider it. It is the capital of Qatar, which was named the World’s richest nation in 2013 by Forbes Magazine. Over the past few decades it has made its mark among other nations competing with its vast oil resources that give this city its edge. Doha was officially declared a city in 1963, and it acquires some of the most breathtaking constructions and compositions of architecture. This is the city that plans their own future ahead and aim big.