9 Reasons To Skip College

Continuing education after high school is an important decision to make. For some, college can be the stepping stone you need to fulfill your ambitions for your future endeavors. For others, it may just be the downfall that pulls you in financially.

We break down 9 reasons why it’s sometimes beneficial for some people to actually go ahead and skip past college.

9. College Isn’t For Everyone


In all honesty, higher education is not meant for everyone. Depending on the direction you’re taking in life, college can be the derailment from your goal. The liberal sense in some people doesn’t allocate any need for college. What works for some in a classroom, can work for others outside of one. College can often times (more times than not) feel like a burden rather than a privledge. Your direction and purpose you want to bring in the world matters – when it comes down to your decision on college.

8. You May Not Be Ready


Okay so perhaps you may not skip college, completely that is. But some students do need time off before they jump back into the grind of school during the fall season to come. High school should serve as the developmental portion of your life before going to college. There are some things in life that can’t be taught in the classroom, and you’re going to need to experience them yourself.

7. Starting College Can End Up A Waste of Time


Time is such an intricate piece of the world we from time – take for granted. Although it’s great to try out new things in life to see what works for you, but sometimes that time wasted, can go without a necessary force. Not everyone has time to waste or lose, so it’s best that they try their best to not waste time on things they know won’t work out.

6. Starting College Can Be A Waste of Money


It’s not about having money to spend on college, it’s about wasting money that could have been used for another purpose. If you’re wasting your time in college, then in return, you’ll end up wasting your money.

For a minute or two, think about other ways you could have spent your money on, rather than wasting it in college — when you knew it wasn’t for you. There are those who don’t have money nor time to waste.

5. College Isn’t Cheap


By no means is college cheap, and by no means is attending a 4-year institute necessary for your pockets. Whether the case is your parents don’t have any money for you, scholarships didn’t come through, or your financial aid isn’t kicking in, college can truly do damage to pockets.

4. Is Your Money Being Justified For The Rising Cost


So, you’re enrolled in school but have no idea just where your money is going. Of course you’re paying for tuition, room and board and other things, but are you getting your money’s worth at the end of the day? There’s nothing worse than investing money into something and not knowing what you’ll get back in return.

While the phrase “give without expecting” is popular and right, it doesn’t add value to your college experience — an experience you may just be well without.

3. There Are Careers Outside of Degree-Needed Cooperations


In today’s world, the millennial generation can progress in life, without college. They jump right into the field of their choice and begin chopping away at goals that didn’t require them to sit in unnecessary classes, waste money, time, or compromise their dreams. There are plenty of “tradesman” occupations that do not require the backing of a degree.

2. Other Choices

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When you hear “skipping college,” you may hear the need to skip schooling and education, all together. This is not the case. You can go into internships, apprenticeships, and various other tasks that can help plow you to the space needed to succeed. Hands-on learning should never be depreciated, as it gets you straight to the point of what you need to see and learn.

1. Bad Experiences And Bad Habits


When you enter college, you may pick up bad habits and experience things you have never witnessed. It’s hard to control the experiences, but you do have control over the habits you bring into the experiences.

One bad habit could be drug use, which plays a part on the experiences you have. Along with drugs, alcohol can be consumed too much during your time in school.