10 Cell Phone Etiquette Faux Pas

A lot of people may not know how integral to people’s lives these devices have become. This is probably true mostly for people who grew up during a time when the word “cell phone” would probably have been received similarly to the way the word “flying scooter” would be. It may be hard for some of those people to believe, but some folks take the use of their phones so seriously that they actually use them in accordance with a sort of unofficial etiquette that has evolved as the use of cell phones has exploded. You may want to be aware of these potential faux pas when using your phone.

#1 Calling to reply to a text


Image Source: Ken Banks

Someone who sent you a text message is probably expecting a text message in response. If they wanted to actually talk to you, they would have called. For some people this behavior is acceptable, like your 84-year-old grandma, for example.