8 Skills That Are Known To Impress Men

For centuries, women have been trying to discover the skills that are known to impress men. We list 8 of those skills.

1. Good Culinary Skills


Why search for a love potion when you can win him over by just cooking well? The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach as they say! Working women of the modern age seem to have put this primary skill on the back burner. It is essential that you try out at least a few simple recipes as good food will surely impress a man. History has been a testimony to this fact.

2. Bartending

What goes well with good dinner? An excellent drink of course! Men are attached to the enthusiasm displayed by lady tenders and it is in your best interest to learn this skill too. You never know when you might need it.

3. Music


Not a lot of women are known to play the guitar while their man watches them perform. It’s a unique experience and men are sure to be amazed by it.

4. Self Defence


It might surprise you but men do like strong women. Women who can stand up for themselves and possessing a martial art skill can be simply irresistible.

5. Well-toned belly

It’s not only women that go gaga over six pack abs. Men are visual creatures and will be pretty impressed by that flat, well-toned belly of yours.

6. Intelligence

Woman, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science

Men tend to go head over heels for ladies that can dash out heaps of real knowledge. This shows that the woman is interesting and will be able to participate in intellectual discussions.

7. Humour

Girl, Hat, Happy, Laughing, Face, Cute, Smiling

A sense of humour makes you look warm & friendly. A man is more likely to approach a lady that is smiling and looks to be enjoying themselves, along with possessing wit. Try this when you next go out with the and you might be surprised by the number of men you attract.

8. Debate with Politeness

This quality is important for maintaining a long term relationship. You may not always agree on his viewpoint about certain issues. However, this does not mean that you have to be rude. Agree to disagree with politeness.