10 Signs You’re Not Ready For Marriage

Marriage is a huge step to take in your life. There’s no limit on marriage; when you’re ready, you are ready. However, there are a lot of people who just don’t know when it’s not their time to be ready. You can consider your lack of experience in the world, enjoying selfish moments, going to school and working, or getting yourself together, financially. The factors that may point to why you may not be ready for marriage, are wide and direct. We’re here to help with ten signs that you may not be ready for marriage – not yet, anyway.

1.  You’re Selfish


Marriage requires you to give and take from your partner. Of course, we’re all ready to take, but are we ready to give? When we’re stuck in our selfish ways, giving can feel like a burden at times. Catering to our own needs feels way more important than someone else’s. But there’s a problem with that, when you’re preparing yourself to get married. Learn to become selfless, instead of selfish. Give and take should be a vital factor in your marriage.