11 Signs You’re Way Too Clingy

Relationships can be a bit tricky at times, especially when you’re dealing with a person that clings on to you; clingy people can be hard to deal with. This doesn’t have to be a bad situation, but for a lot of people, it brings about issues. Just to think about it: how do you know you’re way too clingy? Your partner may not be directly letting you know that you’re just too attached, so you’re seeking signs to figure it out yourself. Although there’s a battle in figuring this out alone, we help you along the way to solve the mystery of your possible clinginess.

11. When they go out without you, you get upset 

In a relationship, time with each other can be just as important as time without each other; you and your partner need time away from one another. There are times when your partner wants to hang out with with their own social group, as should you. However, you feel angry and worried when they leave you out of the mix. So once this happens, if you find yourself constantly checking in on your partner and questioning how everything is going, you’re reaching the grounds of being clingy. Your partner gives you time away to be able to hang out with your friends, so they’re likely expecting the same in return.