Best Ways To Get Over An Ex

If you’re reading this list, the first thing you need is a hug. The second thing is you need to know that this list will not help you if you aren’t sure about your own strengths. Getting over an ex is no walk in the park. You’ve invested your time, your emotions and it would be a mockery of your feelings if you were to walk out of it just fine. But then again it would be a mockery to being human if you weren’t able to move on. That being said, here is a list of the best ways to get over your ex:

5. SMASH That Pedestal


We know you’ve invested in them so much they’re practically the sun in your sky. But all that has got to change now. Love is devotion and true love dictates that one puts the other first but even though you’re shaking your head, sadly, you forget that they didn’t do that for you; and anyone who doesn’t realize that? They ain’t worth your tears!