10 Surprising Facts About Love

Love is a force that can take over your life. When someone is in love, it can be difficult for a person to think of much else beyond the object of their affection. We don’t normally choose to fall in love, it more-or-less just “happens.” When feelings of love and attraction are not reciprocated, it can lead to sadness, emotional distress, and in extreme cases, even suicide. What we don’t know about love probably outweighs what we do know by a significant margin, but we have learned a lot, including the following.

1. Shopping For Love

Most people don’t stop by the market with the idea of leaving with a new love interest, but a survey on the subject concluded that 2 percent of couples who fall in love met at a supermarket. If you’re on the prowl for a new partner, the supermarket may not be a bad place to look.