8 Types of Girls A Guy Usually Dates Before Meeting His True Love

‘Experience is good,’ is the general opinion around, but is it good in terms of dating? Yes, it is. While going through loads of women before landing in the land of coupledom may be a particularly mind-boggling experience, it does give you the option of looking back on those dates and to truly understand what qualities you search for in your partner. Let’s go through the different kinds of women you may come across on your road to true love.

1. The Girl Who Was Your First Crush


This is the girl you usually meet in school during your teenage years and let me warn you now; it usually ends up in heart-break. She was the one who made you realize that there was more to school than just books and football. She made you lose focus on your studies and made you bunk your first class. She was the one for whom you first started caring about your looks. Then one day (a few months after dating may be) she dumps you or you dump her or maybe you just drift apart with unsaid, but mutual consent.