10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dating a Girl Who’s Been Single A While

The dating world can be a challenging place. It can be just as tough to date someone who just got out of a long term relationship as it can be to date someone who has been single for a long time. Being single means being yourself and not having to answer to anybody. It can be tough to adjust when someone new is on the scene.

Look out for these signs if you’re dating a girl who has been single for a while before ‘getting back into the game’ so to speak.

1. A Woman Who Was Single Might Be Stubborn

She’s spent quite a bit of time being single and having to do things on her own. She hasn’t had to share anything with anyone and it may seem to her like you are invading her space or encroaching on her territory.

Whether this is real or imagined, she will need time to lower her guard and come to see you as a partner. Don’t be surprised if she is rigid or stubborn at first.