10 Signs You’re In a Mentally Abusive Relationship

No harm has to be done physically — for a relationship to be abusive. The damage can also be done emotionally and mentally. Being in a mentally abusive relationship can be a confusing and emotionally unbearable point in life. At times, it’s hard for some people to realize the signs.

It’s important to understand that emotional and mental abuse can leave you blind; it can be difficult to spot the signs. We’re giving you 10 signs to notice that you are in a mentally abusive relationship.

1.  Avoiding Your Partner’s Mood


You may find yourself dancing around your day and making every effort to avoid your partner’s mood. Things may not be in favor of your partner, therefore they take it out on you. In efforts to avoid this from happening, you do your best not to mess with their mood, because you know it’ll affect you, in the worst way.