12 Vitamins For Increased Energy

As we all look to get our day going with strength and resiliency, we sometimes hit a brick wall – of fatigue that plays a factor in how we move throughout tasks. They tell us to make sure we drink plenty of water or to eat the proper food through the course of the day.

But there are other ways to get some energy – via vitamins. They can play a heavy role in the success of your health. Who wouldn’t want effective ways to add to their energy plant? We’re listing 12 such vitamins here.

1. Iron


Hemoglobin hosts your red blood cells, becoming a center realm for your energy. Iron is the domain, which is an essential part to maintaining energy. Iron helps prevent fatigue. In actuality, it’s arguably the most important vitamin you’ll take, as it helps bring in energy that you desperately desire. This is why people who are anemic are often lacking in Iron.