10 Symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome

You may not have heard about Asperger’s Syndrome as often as you have heard about autism or other mental health problems since it is considered milder than a lot of the other conditions that are talked about these days. Asperger’s is, in fact, considered a milder form of autism that does not have the same profound effect on life that autism can have. In most cases, it is characterized by problems socializing and perhaps being a bit clumsy. Like so many other conditions, the cause of Asperger’s is not known, but some experts believe that genetics could be a contributing factor. Research into how Asperger’s develops and how it can be better treated is on-going. Here are 10 classic symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome.

1. Trouble Making Friends

Asperger’s Syndrome is often recognized in childhood, especially when children start school and are expected to begin developing the social skills they will rely on for the rest of their lives. Asperger’s may cause a child to have a great deal of difficulty making friends. Other children will often pick up on that and will sometimes make fun of them for being different than the other kids. Sometimes children with Asperger’s have no desire to make friends and seem content to spend most of their time alone.