9 Ways To Stop Bad Breath

Bad breath is not something most of us want to be worrying about. In a perfect world we would all have perfect breath all the time – with a hint of wintergreen, peppermint or perhaps fresh flowers. We do not live in a perfect world however, and just about everyone has to worry a bit about bad breath once in a while, even if it’s just the typical “morning breath.” There are things you can do to eliminate or reduce the possibility that you will be causing people’s eyes to water because of your less-than-delightful breath. Try these simple tricks to keep your breath fresh.

1. Brush And Floss

Your first thought might be “Duh!” upon reading that, but remember that it says brush and floss. Brushing is something most of us probably do, but it’s easier for people to just blow off the flossing part. It’s a bit more complicated compared to brushing and might seem unnecessary, but it really helps because it removes food from between the teeth that tends to be an excellent place for odor-causing bacteria to gather and multiply.