10 Perfectly Legal Substances That Can Result in a Failed Drug Test

It seems drug testing is all the rage these days. Not only is it the politically-correct thing to do, it also makes a lot of money for the medical industry and testing laboratories. No sane person would argue that it is not important to have airline pilots, truck drivers and others employed in high-risk professions free of the influence of drugs, but what about the rest of us? Whether we like it or not, drug testing is the reality for many people in the job market, and it’s helpful to know that there are certain legal substances out there that can cause you to fail a drug test. Here are some of them.

1. Novocaine and Lidocaine


Visiting your dentist or doctor for a procedure that involves any kind of surgery (even minor) or dental work may not be the best idea if you will be taking a drug test in the near future. Both of these are commonly used as anesthetics by dentists and doctors and may cause a drug test to indicate that you are a user of cocaine. That tends to be a real deal-killer when it comes to landing that new job at the airport!