5 Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks

We’ve all heard the age old phrase ‘beer belly’ before, but enjoying alcohol doesn’t always have to come with scale increasing consequences. From shots, liqueurs, lagers, stouts and spirits, drinking can be something you enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle. In moderation you’ll be able to enjoy a night on the town or an unwinding evening at home without having to worry about your health, as we count down the healthiest alcohol to drink.

5. Guinness


Probably the most famous stout in the world, being served in over 120 countries with around 1.5 billion pints pulled each year. Guinness is also a relatively healthier alternative to some alcoholic drinks. The National Health Service advise that a healthy calorie intake for men is 2,500 calories and for women it’s slightly lower at 2,000 calories. A pint of Guinness sets you back only 10% of your daily intake per pint meaning you can enjoy this creamy Irish brew without having to count your calories.