10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea

The benefits of green tea are not to go unnoticed. This all-too-simple drink, can be the decreased-factor for a lot of things. The risk of cancer takes a dive, you can lose a lot of fat, and you can boost up your immunity. But there a lot of other great benefits that you may not be familiar with. We’re here to help you learn what they are, with the following ten proven benefits of green tea.

1.  Improvement in Brain Function


Who wouldn’t want to improve their brain function and stimulation? If you don’t, then you’re missing out. The caffeine in green tea is a beneficial stimulant to the brain, getting the functions of the brain moving. Green tea and coffee contain a variance of caffeine levels. While green tea doesn’t have as much as coffee, it’s enough to propel the brain. Too much caffeine can cause the jittery situation, and no one wants that.

L-theanine works well with preventing anxiety and works with dopamine to signal brain waves for increased brain functioning.