10 Foods That Can Be Fatal

We all have the erroneous idea of thinking that ripe and delicious food are safe, and bitter ones are bad and dangerous for our health – but this is not necessarily true. There are foods we eat every day and keep in our fridges that we actually shouldn’t be eating, and here is a list of 10 foods we find delicious but which could harm us – or in higher quantities kill us.

10. Seeds of fruits

It is okay to eat and enjoy natural fruits, but consuming their pits or hard core could be fatal in many ways. Eating the pits of cherry, peach, apricot, peach or olives is bad for your health – and it does not matter if they are ground into a powder. The pits of these among other fruits contain prussic acid – a type of hydrogen cyanide which is often used in fumigating solutions and organic compounds. Eat only the ripe flesh of these fruits and avoid their central pits.