8 Reasons to Dump Bottled Water

It’s really a little nuts when you think about it. Companies are making billions by selling something that’s free (or very cheap) to the public in many places. In the developed world, tap water is very safe to drink, and in many cases, safer than bottled water. Many people worry about ingesting the chlorine or fluoride that’s commonly found in tap water, but there are filters available that remove those additives. Even at-home distillation of drinking water is an option these days, and that’s a process that removes virtually every additives and contaminants. In the long run, consumers can save money by investing in a filter or distiller instead of lugging home cases of plastic bottles filled with plain old water every week. Here are eight good reasons to stop using bottled water in your home.

1. It’s A Joke

Seriously, big mega-corporations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Nestle are cashing in big time (bottled water sales account for $60 billion world-wide!) by selling plain water to consumers. Many people don’t seem to realize that there is nothing “special” about many of the brands of bottled water on the market, and in some cases, it is simply tap water in plastic bottles with pictures of pretty places on them. As consumers, this joke is on us!