9 Ways To Fall Asleep

Nearly everyone, at one time or another, has some trouble getting to sleep. Laying there in you bed staring at the ceiling waiting for Mr. Sandman to visit can be an extremely frustrating experience. Making matters worse, the more impatient and irritated you get, the harder it will likely be to drift off to sleep. Numerous things can interfere with your sleep, including stimulants like caffeine or a chemical imbalance that just makes it harder for your brain to flip that sleep switch. Try the following tips to see if they help you sleep.

#1 Room temperature

The disagreement between partners about the temperature of the bedroom has probably been around since mankind first walked the earth. People who like to sleep in a warm room may not be happy to hear it, but scientific research has proven that keeping the bedroom on the cool side is best for sleep. The “sweet spot” seems to be in the vicinity of 63 degrees Fahrenheit according to researchers.