9 Signs You Drink Too Much Alcohol

Drinking is a way of blowing off some steam, having a laugh and enjoying a night out; but it can also be very harmful if you’re not being careful. Its substances are addictive and many drinkers out there don’t even know they’ve been abusing it or how dependant they are of alcoholic beverages. Every year more and more people fall into the binge drinker category, where men take 5 or more drinks within a two-hour period, and women take 4 or more. If after reading the next 9 signs, you relate, then you’re just in time. People who recognise what’s going on before developing a more serious problem have a bigger chance of cutting down easily.

1. Most of your weekend plans include alcohol

Some people think that because they don’t drink on a daily basis and only on weekends, then they’re not addicts. They’re wrong. Just because they don’t have a drink a day, but take 5 or 6 on a single night, they’re fine. Try to think if all your weekend plans revolve around alcohol. Do you know how to have fun without it? Binge drinkers just look forward to Fridays and Saturdays so they party… But there’s so much more they can do socially; like going to the movies, grabbing dinner or meeting someone for coffee.