8 Acne Treatments for Adults

Acne is a problem that is considered to be a problem for teens and young adults. For the most part, those problems tend to pass as people age, and acne simply becomes a bad memory. For others, it is not so simple. Adult acne can be a problem for someone at nearly any age, and when it comes on and whether it ever goes away are questions that are not easily answered. There are effective treatments for adult acne – both natural and those involving prescription medications.

The following treatments are worth considering in the battle against adult acne.

#1 Cut the carbs


It’s well-established that diet has a significant influence on skin health, and refined carbohydrates, in particular, can be a major problem. A 2007 study from Australia showed that people who adopted a low-glycemic index diet (which cuts carbohydrates like the ones that are found in white bread) had a 22 percent reduction in acne lesions.