15 Signs That You Are Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional IQ is not the same thing as your intellectual IQ. If the two were planets they wouldn’t even be in the same solar system. Emotionally intelligent people exist in all walks of life and many of them don’t even realize how they are different from other people. As you read this list of characteristics that emotionally strong people have, thing about what makes you intelligent, and think about what you can learn from people who are.

1. You’re Fascinated by what Makes People Tick.

You’re not just interested in what goes on in the lives of other people or their accomplishments, but what makes them tick. Your fascination with human behavior helps you understand social cues and the motivations people have to a degree that is lost on others.

As you learn more and more about the people around you, you can’t help but realize what makes each and every one of us so special.