12 Vitamins For Weight Loss

There must be at least a millions different ways to lose weight. At least that’s the impression you may have if you have taken the time to check out the seemingly endless diets and diet pills that have been touted through the years. We all know that the sensible approach to weight loss is as simple as diet and exercise, but it’s human nature to want fast and easy as opposed to simple. Like almost everything else worth doing, losing weight takes time. These 12 vitamins and supplements may help speed up your weight loss journey a bit, but you probably shouldn’t expect miracles. When you’re waiting for those pounds to melt away, however, you can use all the help you can get.

#1 White Bean Extract

White Beans

Image Source: Heather Kennedy

This one is pretty new on the scene but since it has shown up on some popular television programs, public interest in it has certainly spiked. Benefits of white bean extract are purported to be that it increases metabolism, and also help to block carbohydrate absorption. As a side benefit, it may also help keep blood sugar levels normal.