11 Signs Someone Has An Eating Disorder

Eating disorders, despite what some people may believe, are serious and very real diseases that affect millions of people of all walks of life. Most of us may be inclined to believe that eating disorders are diseases that only women and girls have to deal with, and although they do make up the majority of victims, there are men and boys who also suffer from these disorders.

People who suffer from these diseases often go to great lengths to conceal their struggles from others, but here are some of the signs that someone could be suffering from an eating disorder.

#1 Feeling cold

Image Source: Beyond Neon

Image Source: Beyond Neon

Since the food we eat is the vital fuel we all need to keep our bodies operating as they should, people who are malnourished as a result of an eating disorder will often have difficulty staying warm. They may be wanting to turn on the heat when it does not seem like it is required, or may be wearing sweaters, coats and jackets indoors even when the temperature is comfortable for everyone else.