10 Ways To Improve Your Memory

We live in the era of distraction. So many of us have so much information coming at us that is becomes all that easier for some things to slip through the cracks. Who hasn’t put something on the stove or started running a bath and taken just a few minutes to check our e-mail or favorite website and forgotten about what had been doing, and ended up with burnt food or a flooded bathroom? And who doesn’t wish they were better at remembering someone’s name 5 minutes they were introduced to you? Improving your memory would help you avoid these kinds of situations, and it does not have to be all that difficult. Give some of these methods a try and see if they work for you.

#1 Focus

Image Source: kuhnmi

Multi-tasking is something some people do very well, and there’s no doubt that for some jobs, it’s a requirement. While multi-tasking may be impressive, you’ll remember things a lot better if you can focus on one thing at a time. Given the choice, you’ll always have a better shot at remembering new things if you can devote your full attention to a particular activity versus multitasking.