10 Things Will Happen When You Stop Checking Facebook

Ah, social media, the best way to keep in touch with all your friends, family, colleagues and school buddies. Unfortunately, the original uses of social media seem to have been put on the back burner, with games, likes, shares, quizzes and even the uploading pictures of your dinner becoming the only real thing people seem to do online. Social media has stopped being social and become more anti-social, with people often constantly checking to see if they have new updates, friend requests or other invites, even spending quality time away from more important things in their lives, like family, friends and work commitments. Here are 10 things that will happen when you stop checking Facebook.

10. You’ll Get More Work Done

With a good number of people actually working on a computer, and even more people having their smartphones with them during working hours, checking your Facebook becomes part of your daily routine, whether you’re at work or not. Putting down your phones and logging off from your Facebook and other social media means that you then have to occupy your time with something else, and in this case… work. Trust us, put down your smartphones and watch all that work you had to do vanish because you’ll have completed it in an efficient manner. Who’d have thought a distraction would stop you from working?