10 Ingredients That Have Healing Factors

When it comes to medicine, the people of the west are far ahead. This is because they have the better technology to treat bigger and deadlier diseases. However, when it comes to smaller chronic illness, the people of the west are too reliant on pills. These pills may help to fight the disease, but they don’t really eradicate the root of the problem. This is where the ancient medicine of the eastern people shines. There are a lot of ingredients which have healing factors. Listed below are 10 such ingredients.

1. Curcumin


Alzheimer’s disease is one of the worst diseases in the world because nobody wants to lose their memory. While no concrete reasons have been found for the occurrence, it is believed that it’s due to inflammation in the brain, that causes this disease to happen. Curcumin, commonly known as turmeric is an ingredient used in most curries and curry like dishes in South Asia. It is thought to be a cure for inflammation in the body. So taking more turmeric is likely to reduce the inflammation in the brain and reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s.