10 Foods and Drinks to Avoid When Working Out

Been going to the gym for a while and don’t seem to be noticing any changes? Or are you about to start working out for the first time and have no idea what foods will compliment your regime? It can be difficult to understand what to eat and what to avoid when trying to get in shape, but look no further as we are going to count down the top 10 foods and drinks to avoid whilst on a workout regimen.

Here’s to a sculpted figure, a six-pack and a healthier lifestyle!

10. Processed meats

No workout regimen is worthwhile without the intake of proteins, with processed meats generally having this in abundance. However,  they are not as helpful as they appear. Processed meats often come with nasty stuff added to the ingredients, such as colourant or flavouring in the form of nitrates, along with a huge amount of salt. These extras actually make the processed meats unhealthy, with prolonged intake potentially causing some cancers and even heart disease.

For a healthier alternative to processed meats, try something leaner such as chicken or turkey breasts.