10 Reasons Why C Students Are More Successful

The Internet has changed the world. Nowdays if you want to learn the meaning of a word you don’t get out a dictionary you simply punch the word into Google and you’ll know within seconds. People like to learn at different speeds and via different methods. Let’s look at 10 ways which explain why C students generally come out better than A and B graders.

1. They doubt the authority of the academic system

A large number of C students don’t buy into the academic system. They do not buy into the production line approach. They are aware that a lot of good originates from it, yet they don’t respect the system.

They are aware of its numerous defects. Moreover, they are aware that learning can happen in ways other than what the system provides, and that it is also possible to learn outside of the system. In this way, the education world is merely just one of the ways of learning for C students.