9 Fascinating Facts About The Moon

Here on planet earth, the moon is something of a superstar. After all, some planets have more than one moon, like Jupiter, which has at least 16 moons! Imagine looking up into the night sky and seeing four or five moons. It would be an extraordinary sight here on earth, but on other planets it’s probably just another normal night. Our moon certainly gets its share of attention considering that songs have been written about it, it’s been used in countless movie and book titles, and some people even believe there are magical powers associated with it. There may be no real way to prove whether the moon has anything to do with magical powers, but here are 9 facts we can be reasonably certain about.

#1 Moonwalkers

A total of 12 human beings have walked on the moon, the most famous being Neil Armstrong who took that “giant leap for mankind” way back in 1969. Whether or not anyone else will ever step foot on the lunar surface again is uncertain, but there are countries that are reportedly working on space missions to the moon again.