8 Healthy Food for Cats

As humans, we tend to stereotype a lot. This goes for our pets just as much as it does for other people, and we have a lot of preconceived notions when we think about what our pets like to eat. We think of cats as having a fondness for things like milk, fish and perhaps mice. Although it may be true that most cats enjoy eating those kinds of things, they have an appreciation for a much wider variety of foods than you might suspect. It’s a given that cats are going to be fed store-bought cat food by most cat owners, and how healthy that actually is probably varies from brand to brand. In this instance, we’re more interested in the “people food” that cats can eat that it also good for them. Here are eight of those foods.

#1 Broccoli


Image Source: whologwhy

What a way to start! There are probably not a lot of people that would suspect cats might enjoy broccoli. Cats will sometimes display a desire for plant-based foods by chewing on some grass outside or even on houseplants. Many cats enjoy broccoli, and the best way to prepare it is to steam it. It can help benefit a cat’s digestive system to eat a little broccoli once in a while.

#2 Deli meat


Image Source: pbkwee

This isn’t terribly surprising since we know that cats are meat lovers first and foremost. It’s best to stick with lean meats, and be conscious of preservatives and other additives. Deli meat is probably a treat cats will love, and will also provide them with a bit of extra protein in their diet.

#3 Baby food


Image Source: corey.pritchard

Sometimes cats – particularly those with health problems – will get more finicky than usual, and not show much interest in their usual food. This might be a good time to try a little meat-based baby food in order to encourage them to eat. The ingredients of any baby food should be carefully checked for both onion and garlic powder, since those ingredients can be harmful to cats.

#4 Bananas


Image Source: Deidre Woollard

We’re much quicker to think of monkeys rather than cats when we think of animals that like to eat bananas. Many cats do indeed have a taste for bananas, and will enjoy them as an occasional treat. Some cats even like frozen banana pieces, which might make a nice cool treat on a warm day.

#5 Spinach


Image Source: woodleywonderworks

Another good way to satisfy a cat’s occasional desire for plants and vegetables is to break out some spinach. Cats with digestive problems may benefit by having a little spinach from time to time. Avoid feeding spinach to cats that have kidney or urinary tract problems, since spinach can contribute to the formation of crystals in the urinary tract.

#6 Melon


Image Source: zdw

A cat with a  bit of a sweet tooth might be happy to share a little bit of watermelon, cantaloupe or honey dew with you once in a while. It’s always best to avoid overdoing it when feeding cats foods that are not part of their normal diet, but a bit of melon may help ease digestive problems. The seeds should be removed prior to feeding it to your cat.

#7 Eggs


Image Source: Caitlin Childs

While raw eggs are usually not recommended for cats, giving them eggs that have been scrambled, boiled or otherwise prepared might make for a welcome change. Eggs have a lot of protein, which is great for giving your cat energy. Try to avoid using any butter or cooking spray when preparing eggs for your cat.

#8 Cheese


Image Source: Daniel Orth

Another great source of protein for cats is cheese. As always, moderation is the key and feeding cats lots of cheese should be avoided. A significant number of cats are lactose intolerant, so start off slow to be sure your cat isn’t one of them.