The 10 Most Precious Collectibles

You will be surprised to know that collectors spend thousands and even millions to acquire their most wanted collectibles. These may be stamps, coins, comics or even books. The reasons vary from person to person: some just do it as an expensive hobby; others desperately want something and save up for years or mortgage off their comforts to buy it; a few are simply obsessed with such collectibles’ histories. Are you one such person, know such a collector or aspire to be one of them? Then let’s look at a list of the ten most valuable collectibles around the world today.

1. Quadead Zone – The Most Expensive VHS Tape

There are many fans of horror stories and then there are such fans one of whom spent $700 to buy the last tape of a horror story!  This particular copy is of a chronicle of horror stories called Tales from the Quadead Zone and today, that copy may be sold for an astounding $2000, which is a lot for a tape. Surprisingly, the tale – named the “Holy Grail” – does exist.