10 Popular Facts That Are Actually Wrong

As we, human beings get on with our everyday life, we tend to come across a lot of facts. These facts are about everything we do, everything we see and covers so many other topics. Now, these so-called facts are fun to read and sometimes they give us knowledge regarding matter we didn’t know before. However, when some of these facts turn out to be false, that’s when people get confused. Listed below are such 10 famous facts that have been proven to be wrong.

1. Nails And Hair Grow After Death


A lot of people will say that even after death, the nails and hair continue to grow. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but in reality, it does not grow at all. The reason as to why this theory came into existence is due to the fact that the skin around the nails and the hair shrink due to the lack of water content in the body. As a result, the nails and hair look to have grown.