10 Common Dreams And What They May Mean

It’s quite difficult to draw firm conclusions where the human mind is concerned. Although many psychiatrists and psychologists may argue the point, it’s seems pretty obvious that we are just on the edges of understanding how our brains work. As a result, we can certainly make some good guesses as to what certain dreams mean, but even the most celebrated experts may be hard pressed to actually interpret the true meaning of dreams. Still, it’s a fascinating subject, and when we think about our dreams, it’s natural for us to look for meaning in them. These are some of the most common dreams people have and what they could mean.

#1 Naked in public


Image Source: Trevor

This is probably one of the most common dreams of all time. Who among us has not dreamed of realizing that we are without clothes in the company of others, or even in a very public place? It is believed that this dream represents a feeling of vulnerability or fear of being exposed. It could result from keeping a particularly personal and private secret from people in your life.