7 Hilarious Car Insurance Commercials

Automobile insurance has to be one of the most competitive industries out there, and the sheer number of commercial advertisements and other promotional activities that the major insurance companies involve themselves in is certainly testament to that fact. Who hasn’t noticed that “Flo,” the face of Progressive Insurance is popping up everywhere these days, or that the “Geico Gecko” commercial has been seen during virtually every program on television. At least it seems that way. Advertisers love to use humor, and for good reason. It’s a great way to sell a product, and that’s certainly not lost on the auto insurance companies.

#1 Lousy service

Sometimes you don’t even need to understand the language to figure out what message a commercial is trying to convey. Those of us that do not speak Russian surely don’t know exactly what’s being said, but it’s pretty clear that this commercial set out to demonstrate how a substandard auto insurance company might operate.

#2 Female Teenage Drivers

This one might not sit too well with many teenage girls who think their driving skills and control over their emotions are superior to what this guy demonstrates in this commercial. The parents of teenage girls, however, who are probably paying for the auto insurance, might be quite receptive to the concept.

#3 Soccer on the highway

Again we see that there are times when a commercial can get it’s point across quite effectively with little or no dialog. It’s very cleverly done,  but still illustrates that point that everyone who drives is vulnerable to accidents, even when they are caused by an unlikely series of events.

#4 Cruel car wash

While it’s a bit hard to imagine this one ever actually happening, it does demonstrate the idea that drivers should expect the unexpected, and having auto insurance to protect you could save you a lot of trouble, and potentially a lot of money as well.

#5 Where no car has gone before

There’s no question that an advertiser who creates a commercial based on Star Trek is going to capture a certain segment of the viewing audience right away, and probably hold their attention pretty well for those first crucial seconds. In addition to that, this commercial is also pretty funny. This one looks like a win-win for the advertiser.

#6 Clean cat

We all secretly know that cats are the true stars of internet video. One company decided to extend that idea to one of their commercials, which seems like a pretty good idea. How many of you are wondering if they actually dropped a cat in a washing machine filled with water?

#7 Evil squirrel

Although many people in show business often say it’s very difficult working with animals, the reason they keep doing is because when it works, it usually works pretty well. Not a whole lot of cooperation was required from the squirrel in this commercial, but it still turned out pretty funny.